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1Accommodations in Chinese families in Beijing

Our center provides a few kinds of accommodations for our students based upon their preferences and needs.  We understand that how to live in China is an important part of their study-abroad experiences. All of our accommodations are carefully selected to ensure students' safety and comfort of our students.

A, Chinese Host Family: in the home-stay, students live with a Chinese host like the family member. This is the best way for the students to practice the Chinese language in real life environment and to experience the Chinese culture and daily life. It is also a popular way to build connections and friendships with ordinary Chinese people and families. As a family member, you may eat, watch TV, shop and experience daily life with the host family.        

Standard package includes:  single bedroom in the family, shared bathroom (in most cases, shower-room) and breakfast and supper.

B, In Chinese family without foods:  this is simpler version of home staying in Beijing.  In most cases, the families have nice location and good environments, but families may be too busy to take care daily cooking.  So students may share one of the bedrooms in the family but either self-cook or eat out in nearby restaurants or order food deliver.  Standard package includes:  single bedroom in the family and shared bathroom (in most cases, shower-room)

Current Fees of students accommodations in Beijing (in USD)

Each above host family is interviewed by our staff in advance. A security check is completed before a selection is made. After the stay, the Global Exchange Center collects feedback about the host family from the students.

2, Self-arranged accommodations in Beijing

Due to limited numbers of our accommodation, our students are encouraged to search and arrange his or her own accommodation in Beijing.  Airbnb and other accommodation shared platform are useful for this purpose.  For short term staying, we suggest to consider the youth hostels or economic hotels to select. 

You may check Airbnb in China and Youth Hostels Association of China for more options and details.  As we conduct "flexible training facilities" policy, so our classes can be conveniently arranged near the accommodation of our students in Beijing. 

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